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1. What is the minimum number  of players ?

11 starting players and 3 substitute players.

2. How do I make the payment ? 

You should simply follow the steps that are indicated in the “add to basket” option. The payment is 100% safe and you can do it through Paypal or transfer Bank .If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us : or by calling : +34 687 39 13 44 

3. What should we bring to play soccer ? 

To play soccer games you must bring sneakers with studs, shin guards and your team equipment ( t-shirt + short); However, we always have bibs available. In all fields there are changing rooms and showers. 

4. How does the collection work in the airport?. 

When you do the payment, you must tell us the day and time you will arrive at the airport and a member of our staff will wait for you with a sign to guide you to the minibus that will take you to the hotel. 

5. Are matches cancelled if rains? 

Only if the referee understands that is not possible to play in those conditions. Playsoccerabroad will try , if possible, to postpone the game to another day. 

6. Are activities / excursions cancelled if it rains? 

Only if the practice is impossible. The activity money will not be returned, but playsoccerabroad will try , if possible, to postpone it to another day.

 7. Can I travel with my couple/friends ?

Yes. They will have to pay 100% as if they were one more player and will have the same services as the player, except playing soccer. 

8. What does the price include? 

The price includes everything that comes detailed in each program. 

9. what team are we going to play against? 

You will play against several teams of the chosen city .The level will be 1st / 2nd Regional ( high-amateur level) until 3rd Spanish Division ( semi-professional level).

At the time of purchase, you must indicate the level of your team to find a rival of the same category; however, the level is very similar among these divisions: high amateur and semi-professional (You have videos in the “ gallery ”to get an idea of the average level ) and in our team we always have reserve players to balance the game. 

10. Can you change to another hotel? 

No. The hotels have been strategically chosen for their location and for being the best price-quality option . In some programs we offer 2 different hotels , in these cases the choice will depend on the availability for the chosen dates . 

11. Can you cancel the reservation? 

No . In playsoccerabroad we process the book with hotels / bus / excursions immediately after the payment is made; Therefore, cancellation is not possible.

12. Is there a guide in the visits? 

No. The best way to know the sites is for free; however, there will always be an assistant of Playsoccerabroad with the group. 

13. Can you change the itinerary of the excursions ? 

The itinerary / day and hours can vary depending on the availability of the activity. 

14. Can you pay in cash?

 Yes. If you wish, you can pay in cash at our headquarters in Madrid. Always in advance to guarantee the reservation. 

15. How many foreign teams have already played in Spain with playsoccerabroad? 

More than 170 teams from all around the world. You can see the complete list on the website, in the “ Soccer teams" section.


16. Where overabroad have the Spanish teams played? 

We have brought Spanish teams around the 5 continents. 

17. Who makes up the team of playsoccerabroad? 

Our team is made up of former professional soccer players, professional coaches, as well as federated referees and linemen.

18. What is the difference between playing on artificial and natural grass ? 

The difference is radical. The natural grass is better quality and does not burn the skin if you fall on it. The ball runs better and you’ll get less tired, that’s why it is more expensive.